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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I had a really great weekend.

The date I spoke of went well. Despite some mishaps. Alright, I admit it, I dropped steak on the floor. When Jae said he would eat it anyway, I proceeded to overcook it. Awesome! Nervous distraction means I should keep away from the kitchen, methinks. He did actually eat it. He either really likes steak, or didn't want me to feel bad. Most likely both.

It was nice to have time with Jae and not be distracted by Lass or D. Or anyone else, for most of the evening. He is a lovely kisser. And not discouraged in the least by my wild flailing when tickled. I think what is so nice is that he is attentive and available, fun to be around and easy to talk to. (You know, not counting my usual shy reticence.) He seems to enjoy both my little self and my adult self. There are a lot of good things there.

Saturday was not quite as planned, but still good, once I got over panicking about schedule shifts. Got my hair cut. Don't worry, it's still long, just the unhealthy ends are gone.

Meant to have a lovely evening with D, but something somewhere went off track. We ended up having an emotional discussion. While that wasn't too joyful, I still enjoy those times in our relationship. Even during our fights, my instinct to run is almost gone. Pissed, hurt, angry, upset, no matter how much what's going on sucks, in the back of  my mind I am thinking 'Thank goodness. I needed this. I am so glad that we are doing this -- that we can have this.'

Perhaps that is the simplest form of not settling.

I also wasn't about to settle for going to sleep afterward. We had planned an intense session with a sharp knife. I was looking forward to having that again. Once the issue was resolved, I would say that I even needed it. I asked, and it was granted, and it was not any less than the first time. I believe I shall write details on the other blog, for the curious (and the brave.)

Sunday I cleaned out my car. It was full of junk. Still is, actually, but at least most of it's in the trunk, now. And the trash is gone. Lass and I went to a meeting about submission. It's the first of what will be monthly meetings, and I must say that I am looking forward to making the next one. The potential is huge. After the meeting, I managed to get Lass into a dressing room, and we picked out a top for the evening. I won't go into detail except to say one thing: I WIN! Muahahahaaaa!

Ok, I will say one more thing. When we were all ready, and headed out for the night, that girl looked fabulous. Not that she doesn't always, but this was special. Night was fun. It was a drag show/fundraiser themed around leather and lace. Lass, D, Jae and I, plus a couple of other people all sat around a table close to the "stage." I won gay porn at auction. Fed Jae another steak -- that I did not drop on the floor first. There were a couple of snafus, but we'll leave those out.

Damn good weekend. And tonight...

Dinner party!

Posted at 05:05 pm by Anjelle

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