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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We recently worked out an exchange with the Bratling. She comes over about once a week to visit & stays the night. It's nice to have somewhat regular time with her. Last week, we dug up the spare key for her.

After she drives me to work in the morning, she goes back to the house and does some cleaning. It's nice to have the extra hands. D and I seem to have a hard time keeping up with everything. So we get something that helps us out, and she gets something she wants, too.

I have to say... I really like the idea of her being there. In my home. Not far, far away, but just right there.

It makes me happy.

Posted at 10:52 am by Anjelle

Tuesday, June 09, 2009
The Wheels on the Bus

I ride the bus to work every day. I get a good walk in, and I don't have to drive. The bus driver is a sweet older gentleman. He flirts with me a little, I flirt with him a little, it's all good fun.

Today he threatened to spank me if I don't ride tomorrow.

I giggled all the way to work.

I'd test his teasing, but I really don't want to walk to work tomorrow. Too far.
Darn it.


Next week is his last week on my route. It won't be the same without him. But I'm thinking of dressing up on his last day, just for kicks.
Does that make me 'bad?'


Friday, June 05, 2009

I like to take long baths, soaking and reading. I like to have that time alone to relax.

...Unfortunately, my son doesn't think I should be alone. He likes to come in and keep me company so I don't get lonely. (His words.) He offers me toys, and talks to me, and does various things that you would expect from a four-year-old who doesn't really want to sit around in silence while I read.

I came up with a solution. It allows me to enjoy my book, while not rejecting my son's attempt to spend time with me.

I read out loud.

Eventually, he gets bored of the book with no pictures, and wanders out. I don't lose book time attending to him. I don't get frustrated and upset with him. He doesn't walk out crying or angry. And, most importantly, I don't have to lock the door to the only bathroom in the house to get some relaxing done.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

"Be as graceful and patient as possible when your mood is low. Try not to overreact, make important decisions, solve your problems, figure out your life, or argue when you're feeling low, because you won't have much common sense, compassion, or wisdom."

Missed Anniversary

May 11th would have been the 5th birthday of this blog. I'm almost a month late, but happy blogiversary to me!

Five years of writing. Wow.

And I was worried I wouldn't keep it up.

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